G316 Tokens provide a Real Working model for Utilization!



Creator of the G316 token, the unit of energy, at the center of the business model.



The DollarStore.com, is the first retail business to commit to the concept of utilization and accept G316 tokens in the purchase of everyday goods.



When the G316 token is used by our members, the potential value of the G316 token is put to work and converted to a product for consumption.

The tokens, through the rewards program are then returned to the Community member, to be used again.

Rewards & Farmer Earnings

When any member makes a purchase at a DollarStore, they participate in the rewards program. Up to twenty percent of the purchase price may be paid in G316 tokens.
The tokens used to make the purchase are returned to the purchaser. The community member never loses their tokens.
The store owner receives the same reward.

Farmers have the opportunity to earn tokens in two ways. First when products are purchased with G316 tokens and second when G316 tokens are purchased.
When a Community Member makes a purchase with tokens or purchases tokens, that member's sponsor earns ten percent and their sponsor's sponsor earns five percent of the tokens spent or bought.

Growing the G316 Economy

This Unique Working Business Model marks the start of the G316 Economy. The growth of the G316 economy will be measured by the volume of business transacted with G316 tokens.
The growth of the G316 economy is directly proportional to the use of the G316 tokens by our Community members..
As the G316 Economy expands there will be a need for more G316 tokens. Since no more G316 tokens will be minted, fractionalization will occur. Smaller pieces of G316 tokens will be used to transact the same business, increasing the value of the G316 token.